What Is Important To You In The Sale Of Your Property?

On a scale of 1 (“not concerned”) to 5 (“very concerned”) please help us understand how important each item is to you:

  • Broker’s qualifications?
  • Home enhancement recommendations?
  • Pricing?
  • Marketing and Advertising?
  • Promotion on the Internet?
  • Open houses?
  • Avoiding inconvenience?
  • Staying informed?
  • Time on market?
  • Security of your property?
  • Buyer’s financial qualifications?
  • Financing options?
  • Negotiations strategy?
  • Closing costs and net proceeds?
  • Handling the details?
  • Post-sale follow-up?
  • Other?
  • We listen to our customers
  • We guarantee our service standards
  • We implement a customized plan for each seller

We will work with you to help meet your needs.

The Result: Consistent, predictable, reliable performance – Guaranteed!

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