Our Local Idyllic Scene

Introducing retirees to our local idyllic scene is what we do best. After many years in a very competitive environment many foreigners deserve and urgently need a break from their lifelong activities—not just is some time off necessary, but a change on the way of living is needed to renew the love to live, a different environment helps tremendously. Lakeside offers exactly that, some call it a second opportunity at life, others a second career in life, rethinking yourself once you’re here is what fills you up with energy to create a perfect retirement. It is of no coincidence that folks once here rejuvenate and add on additional years to their lives.

Be Part of Our Success

Assisting and sharing your enthusiasm with newcomers about living here can help you take some of the burden off of being productive, also meeting folks with many diverse backgrounds and learning about what makes them click can be much fun. You in the past, had the same questions and doubts about lakeside and what it is to live in a foreign country, helping others makes you feel alive, accomplished and more knowledgeable about the place you decide to call home. And if this isn’t enough, also make good money in the process.

Unlock your potential as a real estate agent in stunning Lake Chapala, Mexico. Join our dynamic team and capitalize on the thriving real estate market in this picturesque region. Experience unparalleled opportunities to showcase prime properties, build lasting relationships, and be part of a community that appreciates the art of finding dream homes. Make a career out of a new profession—learning about and seeing many beautiful homes in the biggest retirement area in Mexico.

We offer:

  • Family environment
  • 1st established lakeside real estate (1976)
  • One on one coaching sessions and access to the latest tools available.
  • Advanced live seminars on working with buyers and sellers, creative financing, closings, contracts, disclosures, ethics, sales training and more.
  • A brand people know and trust worldwide.
  • Non-stop training, motivation and production events.
  • Multiple offices and key sales locations.
  • Referrals, incentives, awards, recognition and bonus programs.
  • Non-competing Broker
  • Biggest website in lakeside

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