Day of the dead in Ajijic

Day of the dead in Ajijic In Ajijic, the day of the dead was celebrated with a colorful and spectacular parade, altars and beautiful catrinas in the main square and its surroundings.

The Dia de Muertos parade is held in the afternoon / evening of November 2. That, in years past before 2021, left the cemetery and ended up in the Ajijic square with various events.

This year 2021 changed its route, and the organization of the parade was by the Ajijic high school, CETAC. Which started at CETAC facilities next to the Auditorio de la Ribera, and continued along the road, going down Calle Colon and ending in the plaza. The students dressed and made up of catrinas and catrines gave a great color to this parade that was spectacular.

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