El Tepalo – Ajijic, Jalisco

El Tepalo is a place one must visit during the rainy season. Besides being all green and lush, there is a creek in which the water level varies depending on how much it rained in the previous days – the more rain the more water. El Tepalo offers you several waterfalls and pools where one can step in a refresh oneself on these hot days.The trail is not very long and is fairly easy to hike, although there are parts where the trail is a little steep and slippery so one must be careful. From the trailhead one can make it to the top in about 20 minutes walking at a normal pace, but usually people take their time as one must stop now and then to admire the beautiful surroundings.Although the waterfalls are the main attraction, one must also admire the natural beauty all around. Part of the flora there includes a variety of wild flowers that change as the weeks go by. And from the very top, above the last waterfall, there is an incredible view of the mountain sides and the lake. Definitely a magical and beautiful place.

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