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With more than 45 years as a Ajijic Real Estate company, we have introduced many to the magical town of Ajijic. We feel this is what we do best, showing you what
graceful and carefree retirement is all about.

Ajijic, is a magical town of creation, inspiration and connection with nature, where you can enjoy the magnificent climate most of the year. Many say it is the best climate in the world!

We have sold thousands of homes and lots in Ajijic, and as the first established real estate company, we have learned a lesson:

“The happier you are with your home purchase, the more you will recommend us to your friends.”

Let us share with you our excitement and knowledge on the Lake Chapala area. Be among the many that have already begun a new and enjoyable life.

Information about Ajijic: Videos, Photos, Location, Meaning, History, Flora, Fauna, Art, Festivities….

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A property in Ajijic may cost more than in another town in the Lake Chapala area. But, unlike Chapala, Ajijic has a large community of expats which will give you access to a lot of activities such as those offered in The Lake Chapala Society on “16 de Septiembre” street with more than 3000 members.

You can also be part of a club or volunteers in one of the non-profit organizations. Civic organizations like Rotary have a large membership in Ajijic. There are also several theater groups that perform throughout the year, in addition, groups to practice Spanish, garden clubs, wine tasting clubs, plus the activities offered by The Lake Chapala Society.

A property in Chapala may have a lower cost compared to one in Ajijic. Chapala has retained its traditional feeling of a typical Mexican city and does not have yet a variety of clubs and activities for expats.

But this is not an impediment to enjoy the best of both towns, the trip by bus or car is quite short between these two towns, also both towns have high-speed internet service that helps to keep in touch.

Less than 45 minutes away is the city of Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city with an international airport 25 minutes away from the Lake Chapala Area. So, residents of Lakeside can have anything at their disposal. If for some reason it can’t be found in Chapala or Ajijic, it can be found in Guadalajara. With the airport so close, it is easy to travel to the United States or anywhere in the world and easy access to the Lake Chapala Area.

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