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The Three Wise Men Doughnut, A Mexican Tradition

Ajijic is a town with beautiful traditions, and could not miss the celebration of "Dia de Reyes." The tradition of the Three Wise Men doughnut cutting, dates to the XIV century in France. The way to share it was very different back then: the first piece was for whoever was poor. The next one for the absent, those sent to war. The rest was shared amongst the present.It is also said that inside the...

New Year Parade Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico – 2019

New Year’s celebration is very wide ranging in Ajijic, it can be celebrated at home with friends and family, some decide to get together with the neighborhood and throw a big party.But the fun doesn’t stop there. For the town of Ajijic, the New Year’s parade (January 1st) in the Guadalupe neighborhood has turned into such a tradition, that this will be its 20th year celebrating it. It is realized by...

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